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Large-sized 3-phase Synchronous Motor Series TM Special for Mills in Mines

  • Introduction
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◆   Brief Introduction
    This series is suitable to operate in such an indoor environment with an altitude not more than 1,000m and a coolant temperature not more than 40℃, with less dust, and without vapour, acid, alkali or corrosive/explosive gas. The rated voltage is 6000V for this series, and we can design with 3000V and 10000Vaccording to the requirements from the customers. Its allowable voltage deviation range is +5%, rated supply frequency 50Hz and rated power factor 0.9 (lead).
    The motor has a cylindrical shaft extension, whose rotation direction shall be consistent with that on the nameplate, ordinarily anticlockwise when seen from the end of collecting ring, and also, we can produce the ones with a clockwise rotation. When a coupling is used to connect the motor and a mill, the motor’s shaft extension shall not bear extra radial or axial force.
    The series adopts a stationary controllable silicon exciter.
    It is allowed to be directly started at full voltage, when such starting mode is not allowed due to the capacity of the power grid of one user, it can be started at reduced voltage, at this time, the decrease of its starting current is in direct proportion to its terminal voltage while the decrease of starting torque is in direction to the square of its terminal voltage.
    Stator leads: 6 leads, respectively U1, V1, W1, U2, V2 & W2, all of which are led out by a high-voltage cabtyre cable from the terminal clamp at the bottom of the frame, and can be led out by a junction box customized according to customer requirements.
Pedestal bearing:  ring-oiled or combined bearings adopted, installed between baseboards and underlaid with insulating padding plates to prevent shaft current.

◆   Structure
    The ventilation pattern for the series can be an open-type natural ventilation one or a totally closed duct ventilation one.
    Frame: welded by steel plates, leading-out terminal at the bottom.
    Stator: its iron core is made of piled fanning strips stamped with 0.5mm low-loss silicon steel plate, and is separated by radial duct spacer; stator windings adopt formed double-layer short-pitched coils with an insulation class of B or F (temperature rise assessed according to class B), that are helpful to prolong service life; and because winding terminals have been fixed and strapped reliably and processed with solvent-free VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) and have gone through many times of tests for turn-to-turn impulse withstand voltage and withstand voltage to ground, the motor has excellent and reliable insulation performance, high mechanical strength and strong moisture proofing.
    Rotor: its magnetic poles made of stamped steel plates which are installed at rotor field yoke together with pole coils with an insulation class of B or F. When a customer wants to adopt a pneumatic clutch, we can design a revolving shaft or a shaft with punched holes according to customer requirements.
◆   Purpose
    The series is a kind of large-sized 3-phase AC synchronous motor mainly used to drive mills in mines, including grate ball mill, rod mill and coal mill. 


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